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Quo Couture Collection: Lash Application 101

August 30, 2010

Lash out with Quo’s range of fabulous falsies.

Step 1 Glue:

Apply a thin bead of Quo Full Eyelash Adhesive along the base of your favourite style of Quo Full Lashes and let glue set for 30 sections.

Step 2 Apply:

Apply Quo Full Lashes over a closed lid. Hold lashes in place with two fingers and gently place over the centre of your natural lash line. Secure at the middle of your natural lash line before pressing at lash ends. Push Quo Full Lashes closer to your natural lash line before opening eye.

Step 3 Secure:

Open your eye and gently pinch Quo Full Lashes with your natural eyelashes to fix in place.

Step 4 Coat:

Finish your faux lash look with a coat of Quo Total Perfection Mascara in Black, sweeping over and under lashes to blend Quo Full Lashes with your natural eyelashes.

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