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Quo Eyelash Adhesive Helpful Tips

September 02, 2010
Formaldehyde and latex free.
For Full Strip Eyelashes.

  • Unlike latex glue that becomes tackier as it is exposed to air, this glue dries rather quickly and becomes less sticky as it oxidises. Therefore it is best to work quickly to get the glue on the false lashes and the lashes on the eye as soon as possible.
  • The best way to do this is to apply the glue directly on the false lash band straight from the tube. Squeeze a thin layer across the entire band being careful to use just the right amount of glue. Not enough glue will cause the lashes to lift off prematurely, while too much glue will cause the glue to seep down to the bottom lashes gluing the eye shut.
  • Immediately apply the lash strip to the base of the natural lashes and hold for few seconds. Have the model open their eye to check the positioning. You may reposition slightly if necessary by shifting them either left or right, or sliding them down closer to the roots of the lashes.
  • Then have the model close their eye again and hold down the inner and outer corner of the lash strip for approximately 20 seconds with your finger tip or a cotton swab. This will ensure the lash won’t lift off at the corners, which is a common occurrence.
  • This glue comes out clear but dries white so be careful not to get any excess glue on the fibres of the lash strips or it will be noticeable once dried.
  • Most importantly, avoid touching the glue with fingers or tools once it has been squeezed out onto the lash or it will create a stringing effect (similar to a hot glue gun) which can get rather messy.
  • This stringing effect can also be avoided by simply wetting fingers or tools with plain water. This is an option when you simply must touch the glue. For example, if too much glue was accidentally squeezed out onto lash and must be wiped away.

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