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Quo Lash Extensions Application

September 03, 2010
Quo Lash Extensions adds natural looking length and fullness to your lashes.

Ensure your lashes and lids are makeup and oil free.

  STEP 1:

Place a suitable amount of Quo Eyelash Adhesive 2 onto a piece of foil. It is recommended to use short lashes for inner areas, medium lashes for the center and long for the outer corners of the eyelid. Using tweezers lift individual lash from tray and dip knotted end into adhesive.

  STEP 2:

Start at the center of the eyelid and apply lashes one at a time by placing on top of one of your natural lash with the end close to but not touching your eyelid.

  STEP 3:

Press gently on each lash a few seconds to secure. Work towards the outer corner of eye, return to center and work inward until lash blends. You may require 15­‐30 lash extensions per eye.

Quo Lash Extensions adds natural looking length and fullness to your lashes and can last 3‐4 weeks depending on care taken.

To remove use Quo Individual Eyelash Remover. Never pull once adhesive has set.


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