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30-Minute Home Clean-up

Posted by Shoppers Drug Mart on March 29, 2010

Here’s the thing: Everyone wants to clean and maintain their home without spending a fortune, but with today’s go-go-go lifestyles, finding time to do it can be a challenge.

Our advice? Break the chore into a series of small, low-effort/high-reward, mini-chores using convenient, time-saving Life Brand cleaning products that will refresh your home, creating a clean and pleasant-smelling space. The best part? All it takes is 30 minutes. (You can tackle bigger, deep-cleaning chores another time.)

But for now, the clock’s ticking: Here’s what you can get done fast so you can get on with your life.

6 minutes: Head to the main family bathroom (or, if company is expected, focus on the main-floor bath or powder room). Squirt Life Brand Toilet Bowl Cleaner into the toilet and while it sits, squirt the sink and tub with Life Brand Multi Surface Antibacterial Cleaner. Wipe the mirror with Life Brand Glass Cleaner. Scrub the toilet bowl and flush. Wipe down the vanity counter, toilet seat and lid with Life Brand Disinfecting Wipes.

7 minutes: Get clutter out of the busiest rooms in your home. Even if guests aren’t coming over, you’ll feel less stressed and more relaxed if social areas like your living room and kitchen are tidy—and a clutter-free bedroom is a restful one. If you don’t have time to put everything in its proper place, stash it in a laundry basket in the closet for now. No cheating: commit to coming back and sorting it properly later in the week.

5 minutes: Vacuum the two rooms (or main hallway) that need it most, refreshing the air as you go. Carry a bottle of Life Brand Disinfectant Spray to spritz as you work through a room.

5 minutes: Banish dirty dishes. Got kids? Send them on a dishwasher-filling scavenger hunt through the house. Load everything into the dishwasher (not the sink!) so it’s out of sight.

1 minute: Wipe countertops with Life Brand Multi Surface Antibacterial Cleaner.

3 minutes: Make appliances shine by cleaning their surfaces with stainless steel cloths or Life Brand All Purpose Reusable Cloths.

2 minutes: Relocate extra shoes and coats from the entranceway to the hall closet.

1 minute: Clean the glass of your hall mirror and front door with Life Brand Glass Cleaner. Your sparkling entrance will channel a welcoming, squeaky-clean ambiance the moment you come home, and a few extra pennies in your pocket!

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