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The Benefits of Fair Trade Coffee

Posted by Shoppers Drug Mart on March 29, 2010

As any diehard coffee lover knows, it’s hard to improve on a great cup of java first thing in the morning. Hard but not impossible. With Nativa, a certified-organic and certified Fair Trade coffee, now you can enjoy coffee you know is socially and environmentally responsible and incredibly affordable too. And if that isn’t a better cup, we don’t know what is. Here’s the story behind this delicious coffee.

Why is it organic?

Nativa coffee is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers because this has been shown to be healthier for the planet—and humans (both consumers and farmers). Organic farming uses natural pest control methods and soil management practices to keep crops healthy for long-term sustainability as opposed to short-term gain. Chemical-free farming methods mean less pollution and more biodiversity.

Nativa coffee is certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association one of the world’s leading third-party certification bodies.

Why is it fair trade?

Fair Trade practices mean farmers in the developing world receive better prices for their crops than their peers in conventional trade farming. With conventional trading, the broker that functions as an intermediary or “middle man,” buying coffee from farmers and selling it to Western coffee roasters, receives the lion’s share of the sales price of the commodity. Under fair trade principles, farmers get a greater cut of the profit. It’s a less exploitative, fairer way of doing business.

Nativa Coffee is certified Fair Trade by Transfair, one of the world’s leading third party, Fair Trade certification bodies.

Why you’ll love it

Nativa Organics coffee comes in three roasts: mellow, medium 100% Peruvian; bold 100% Ethiopian; and a natural decaf blend. It’s also available in whole bean or ground format.

Nativa Organics is one of the most accessible, socially responsible coffees available in Canada. You can find Nativa Organics at your local Shoppers Drug Mart store, priced for less than some leading non-organic, non-Fair Trade national brands.

Pair it with one of Nativa organic breakfast selections—Summer Berry muesli cereal or Oats & Flax Seeds instant oatmeal, for instance—for a healthy start to a great day.

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