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Shoppers Drug Mart WOMEN

They’re our mothers, sisters, daughters and best friends. They’re caregivers and nurturers, central figures in countless lives. However, when it comes to looking after their own health, women tend to put the needs of others ahead of their own needs. It’s our goal to put women’s health first, because when women are healthy and well, we all are.

To help elevate the vital importance of women’s health to where it deserves to be, we have created Shoppers Drug Mart WOMEN—our commitment to the health of Canadian women in body, mind and spirit.

With Shoppers Drug Mart WOMEN, we’re putting the resources and passion of our entire company behind seven (eight in Ontario) impactful, national partnership programs created with the country’s leading experts and institutions. Our goal is to help give every woman the opportunity to be wholly healthy, which is why we are focusing our efforts on the three key pillars of women’s health:

Body: We will help to grow our knowledge on health matters of special importance to women, such as women’s cancers.

Mind: We will support initiatives and research that enhance and improve the mental and emotional health of all women, such as depression.

Spirit: We will support programs that empower and assist women facing health-related challenges to help cope emotionally, such as support groups.

Healthy, vital women have played a huge role not only in the growth and success of Shoppers Drug Mart, but in all our lives. Through the programs and commitment of Shoppers Drug Mart WOMEN, we hope to help ensure that the health and well‐being of all Canadian women only gets stronger.

Welcome, Charitable Organizations

An important and very rewarding measure of our success is being able to reinvest in the communities we serve through the Shoppers Drug Mart Life Foundation. Charitable organizations, with a mandate specific to women's health, can obtain funding in several ways, including donations, gift cards and more.