A head-to-toe guide to must-try beauty oils

These unctuous oils can help you achieve shinier hair, glowing skin and stronger nails

The beauty benefits of oils are well known by now — who hasn’t tried a coconut oil hair treatment or jojoba oil body massage? But now that the popularity of oil has skyrocketed, there are countless innovative oil-based formulas out there, with a wide range of properties and uses. You can use them to soothe dry and sensitive skin, as a gentle but deeply effective cleanser or to strengthen brittle nails. Read on to discover five oil-based products to transform every stage of your beauty routine.

For a soothing shower
A warm bath or shower can be intensely relaxing, but if you have very dry or sensitive skin, contact with hard water can have a dehydrating effect. To minimize irritation, try La Roche-Posay Lipikar Cleansing Oil. The soap- and alcohol-free blend is made with castor oil to provide skin with the lipids required to restore its protective barrier. To cleanse and comfort your body, add two capfuls to bath water or use a few drops on moist skin in the shower.

For extra radiance
Incorporating a face oil into your morning skincare routine can fast-track a dewy morning glow. A tri-phase mix featuring rose flower oil, Pixi +Rose Essence Oil is a lightweight liquid that absorbs quickly into skin to nourish, calm and hydrate. Press a few drops onto cleansed skin before moisturizing, use it after sunscreen as a primer for flawless foundation or dab a little on cheekbones and forehead over your makeup as a revitalizing final step.

For nighttime repair
The equivalent of an anti-aging bootcamp for your face, retinol is also well-known for its power to leave skin parched and irritated. To limit sensitivity, StriVectin s.t.a.r.light Retinol Night Oil pairs the heavy-hitting ingredient with replenishing squalane and chia seed oils to keep your complexion topped up with moisture. A dry oil finish means this ultra-lightweight formula leaves no greasy residue behind.

For super shiny hair
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour All-Over Miracle Oil is a multi-use concoction of Tsubaki, grape seed, olive, avocado and sunflower seed oils. Delivering clinically proven, long-lasting moisturizing power without feeling heavy or greasy, it’s a go-to for body care (try it for post-shave soothing) but deserves to be top of mind for hair care, too. Use it to add instant smoothness and shine to dry, dull strands by warming a spritz of oil between your palms and working it through lengths and ends.

For stronger nails
Frequent hand sanitizing is a modern-day necessity, but can cause nails to become brittle and dry, with ragged cuticles. A regular application of oil delivers nourishment that helps bolster strength. Apply a swipe of Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil to each nail, then massage the apricot kernel and jojoba oil blend into the skin surrounding each nail bed. Keep it on your nightstand and apply it before bed to allow the oil to sink in undisturbed overnight.

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