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Whether it’s the latest facial treatment device or a collection of best-selling lipsticks, you deserve to put your name on one of these stunning beauty sets

  1. Which shade of nail polish would you prefer for a holiday manicure?
    1. A striking ocean blue
    2. Deep berry hues
    3. Shimmering neutrals
    4. Cheery reds
  1. When you crack open a box of holiday chocolates, which one must you taste first?
    1. A rich dark chocolate with mint
    2. A decadent coffee-infused ganache
    3. A creamy white chocolate mousse
    4. A classic milk chocolate truffle
  1. In a winter wonderland, what outdoor activity would you choose?
    1. Fast-paced snowboarding
    2. Scenic snowshoeing
    3. Invigorating cross-country skiing
    4. Leisurely ice skating
  1. What’s the essential finishing touch to your holiday table setting?
    1. Champagne flutes
    2. An abundant floral centerpiece
    3. Calligraphy place cards
    4. Freshly pressed fabric napkins
  1. What’s your ideal outfit for a fancy holiday celebration?
    1. A sequin mini dress
    2. A red jumpsuit
    3. A velvet blazer with matching trousers
    4. A black sheath dress

If you answered mostly A’s: The glam one
The Dyson Supersonic Limited Edition Color Set Holiday is the perfect match for anyone who doesn’t need a special occasion to play dress up. In a stunning Prussian blue colour, the award-winning design delivers fast drying and styling for all hair types, with no extreme heat which minimizes damage. Enjoy a myriad of innovative accessories, including the newest Flyaway attachment that lifts long hair, reduces flyaways and leaves your mane with a smooth, shiny finish.

If you answered mostly B’s: The bold one
When it comes to self-expression, colour is key! To align with your daring mood, choose the NARS Unwrapped Lipstick Set. The exclusive collection of best-selling sheer shades includes the dusty rose “Dolce Vita,” a berry red called “Gipsy,” and “Cruising,” a nude pink. Bonus: The three easy-to-wear hues come housed in a chic holiday-edition, ribbon-wrapped cosmetic bag.

If you answered mostly C’s: The elegant one
The ultimate at-home workout for your face, the Foreo Bear Set is an anti-aging upgrade unlike any other. The ergonomic handheld device (packaged with a bottle of the hydrating serum) delivers advanced micro current and T-sonic pulsations that tighten and brighten. Customizing results by connecting to an app is the cherry on top, guiding you to target the 65+ muscles in the face and neck.

If you answered mostly D’s: The classic one
While the holidays can feel like they’re playing in fast-forward, you revel in pausing to appreciate the simple moments. Formulated to deeply nourish via a fuss-free skincare ritual, the Neostrata Winter Glow Set contains a trial size of the Bionic Oxygen Recovery (an at-home facial that revitalizes stressed skin) along with a full size of the best-selling Moisture Infusion Hydrating Cream. In two easy steps, you can restore radiance and protect skin all winter long.

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