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About this brand

A broad, confident smile is a force of nature. It creates and attracts positive energy for the person smiling, and everyone around them. It can lift a mood and light up a room. It can help make friends out of strangers, jumpstart a relationship, and break down barriers. A bright, friendly smile is so powerful, we at GO SMiLE think everyone should have one! Our mission is to create beautiful smiles, and we do it by making the best teeth whitening and smile beauty products possible.

At the heart of effective teeth whitening is good science. GO SMiLE has been a leading innovator in teeth whitening since 2002. Our team of scientists and dentist advisors have given us that foundation. GO SMiLE products are some of the most effective in the world, with cutting edge formulas, strong clinical studies, unique ingredients and patented delivery systems. Appealing to the sophisticated beauty buyer also means it has to be a pleasure to use, easy and as luxurious as using the best beauty products. That’s what sets GO SMiLE apart.

Creating bright, beautiful smiles for everyone – even people who’ve never successfully whitened before.