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QUO Pedicure Pro Callus Shaver




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    Corn and callus shaver, precision crafted to comfortably and safely remove layers of hard dead skin to reveal flawless feet. Includes 2 handy refills for top-up treatments. Additional refills available separately. Directions: For best results use on damp skin. Soak your feet in warm water to soften. Pat Dry. Gently draw the shaver across calluses on feet and heels to remove thin layers of dead skin. How to change blade: Lay device on flat hard surface. Hold sides of the head firmly with one hand. Push handle forward with your other hand to release holding plate. Insert new blade into holding plate. Align plate with handle, press down on handle and slide downwards to lock blade in place. WARNING: Handle with extreme care. Use light shaving motion. Do not use if skin is irritated or inflammed. Do not use on live skin. Not suitable for people with hemophilia, diabetes or other circulatory problems. To avoid cross-contamination do not use the Callus Shaver blades on more than one individual. Avoid handling the blade’s razor edges. Keep out of reach of children.