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Vitry Nail Repair Care Sensitive




10 mL


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    Nail Repair Care- Sensitive Without BHT, SILICON, FORMALDEHYDE; 74% of Bio Sourced Ingredients; Source : Plants, Cotton, Potato, Corn, Wheat, Manioc No petrochemical materials Natural ingredients Respects sensitive nails and skin Active Ingredient Encapsulation Technology; To improve cosmetic effectiveness Gradual and controlled release of active ingredients Protects the active ingredients Biodegradable 4 Encapsulated Actives Ingredients; Vitamin E : Anti-oxidizing, destruction of the free radicals which damages the nails Keratin : Protein, forms fibers to reinforce nail growth Arginine : Amino acid encourages nail growth Tea Tree : Essential oil, antifungal and antiseptic properties Patented, Bio Plasticizer. Hold, shine, hardness, and flexibility Create a harder mechanical film which limits water penetration into the nail This exclusive formula enriched with bio-sourced ingredients repairs, protects and fortifies nails in just 2 weeks*. The solution to treat sensitive, damaged, split and broken nails. Leaves a beautiful pinky, shiny finish on the nails. *User trial under supervision of a dermatologist on 20 subjects for 4 weeks, with an application every 2 days. How to use: As a treatment: apply the Nail Repair Care – Sensitive on clean and varnish free nails. Renew the application every two days while making sure to remove the product between each application with mild and acetone free nail polish remover. Can be used all year long, or as a complementary product to the Nail Repair Care – Hardener. As a base coat: apply on clean and varnish free nails, let dry, apply your favorite nail polish.