Content Debugger (Live)

This Content Debugger tool designed for Agility developers to be able to troubleshoot content issues. Search for a content reference and inspect the content that is synchronized to your website.


referenceName = The reference name of the list. This can be found in the Agility Content Manager under the Settings tab.

language = The language to query

filter (optional) = a filter to apply to the Conent Repo Data (Filter on Raw Data is not currently supported). Examples include: "ContentID = 123", "Title like '%test%'". See Syntax Docs for more detail.

Server Info

Machine Name = ONXPRODWEB106
Current Culture = en-CA
Time Zone Standard Time Name = Eastern Standard Time
Time Zone Daylight Saving Time Name = Eastern Daylight Time
Coordinated Universal Time = 26/03/2019 4:34:14 PM
UTC Offset = -04:00:00
Machine Time = 26/03/2019 12:34:14 PM
Content Repository Path = c:\AgilityContent\Shoppers Drug Mart\Live\
Content File Path = c:\AgilityContent\Shoppers Drug Mart\Live\AgilityContent__.bin