Listen, we’re not going to propose that you start contouring with a fidget spinner—or a broken coat hanger (um, ouch YouTubers?!)—anytime soon, but there are some beauty hacks worth, well, hacking. Here, the 10 tips most relied on by pro makeup artists, Insta-stars, and us.

For lashes that say ‘Hello’ before you do.
While your mascara is still wet, hold a blow dryer at rib-cage level and aim upward to achieve extra lash lift (bonus: the heat will also set the shape).

For next-level #wokeuplikethis greatness.
Sweep a small amount of self-tanning lotion along the hollows of your cheeks and blend well. Then, pat yourself on the back for creating subtle contour that will last for three to four days.

For a less annoying cat-eye fix.
Forget chubby cotton swabs that leave strands behind. If you make a mistake with your liquid liner (and who hasn’t?) dip an angled brush in micellar water to precisely erase the spot without ruining all of your precious handiwork.

For a fast root fix between hair colour sessions.
Hit up unsightly roots using a stiff eyeshadow brush and a shade from your favourite naturals palette that best matches your hair colour—just make sure the finish is completely matte!

For an instant red-eye reversal.
Blue counteracts red, so try a turquoise, cobalt or navy shadow and liner instead of your go-to neutrals.

For model-like features.
This is an age-old pro trick that’s still getting play today: Under each eye, apply a full coverage concealer in a triangle shape, starting with a vertical line that begins at the inner corner of your eye and ends about an inch down. Next, run the second line beneath your eye, horizontally, having it end at the outer corner. Finally, complete the triangle, fill in and blend. Under-eyes look brighter and cheekbones look higher, no extra contour powder required.

For groomed eyebrows that won’t budge, even through stressful Netflix binges.
Spray a mascara spoolie with long-hold hairspray and brush hairs into place.

For a ‘no makeup’ but better moment.
C’mon, we could all use a little definition—get some by gently brushing up lashes with a felt-tip eye liner (held sideways) instead of your usual mascara.

For the most colour-blasted lip look.
Dab concealer over lips to neutralize the undertone before applying your favourite lipstick.

For a highlighter look you can actually wear in daylight.
Using a safety pin, scrape a small amount of gold or white shimmer eyeshadow from that barely-used square in your palette (you know the one) and mix it into a dollop of primer or moisturizer using the stick-end of a foundation brush. Next, use the brush end to apply the custom mix to the high planes of your face (the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, along your cupid’s bow and above your eyebrows).