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It seems that when Jan. 1 rolls around, a lot of pressure comes with it—to hit the gym more, up your A-game at work, and whatever else made the "things I need to improve" list. Quite often, resolutions turn into not-so-fun obligations, and, quite honestly, we’re over it.

This year, forget all that. Instead of reflecting on things you could have done differently, make it your mission to feel the best you possibly can. We find that when we take the time to pamper ourselves a little, we’re able to handle stress more easily and generally kick butt at life.

Perhaps we’re biased, but we find beauty resolutions to be the most fun and relaxing kind of them all. After all, wouldn’t you agree that experimenting with a daring lip colour is much more appealing than, say, texting your ex again?

That’s why we tapped some of Canada’s top beauty editors and bloggers to share what they’re doing in 2017. Every single one of their beauty resolutions are easy, achievable, and totally worth making. If you don’t believe us, try one—we guarantee you’ll feel spectacular.

1) “My beauty resolution for the new year is to start trimming my brow hairs on a regular basis. I only started seeing a brow expert in the last few months and it has made a huge difference when I apply my makeup. I am blessed with super long brow hairs and have NEVER trimmed them in my life because I was scared. In the new year, trimming my brows will be a staple in my beauty routine to help maintain my new beautiful arches.” —Courtney Kelly (@courtneykellybeauty), Makeup Artist & YouTube Vlogger.

2) “Having a bathroom reno makes you realize how many products take up residence that aren't actually being used, so this year I resolve to abide by expiration dates and regularly purge. I will also resist the urge to get medieval on blackheads that won't budge, as I inevitably end up waking a sleeping giant that strikes back by turning into a full on inflamed eruption.” —Lesa Hannah (@lesahannah), Beauty Director, FASHION Magazine.

3) “Giving myself one makeup-free day, where I give my skin lots of TLC. Deep cleansing and masks to rejuvenate skin. Nothing compares to the soft, supple skin that is left behind. —Aishwarya Singh (@aiishwarya.s), Beauty Blogger, Aiishwarya.com.

4) “My makeup resolution is to embrace more colour. Just like my wardrobe, I tend to stick with neutrals, which can be safe but boring. I'd like to experiment with vibrant lip shades and coloured liners after seeing all the bold beauty trends on the spring runways.”—Tania Kwong (@taniakwong), Editor-in-Chief, Glow.

5) “Dedicate one evening a week to pampering myself. And I mean actually schedule it in like an appointment not to be missed! A brief reprieve from family and work commitments to recharge and reflect is something every woman deserves. Things like an at home facial mask, pedicure, manicure, soak in the tub with some lovely bath salts, or a good body scrub in the shower followed by some decadent body butter.” —Christa Potter (@perilouslypale), Makeup Artist & Editor, Perilously Pale.

6) “Step out of my bold lip comfort zone and find my perfect nude shade. I think I have every scarlet/crimson/berry shade of lipstick available (it's an obsession!) but not a beautiful neutral that I could throw into my daily beauty mix. I need invest some time into shopping for that elusive, perfect pinky-nude lipstick and gloss that I know is out there waiting for me!"—Alison McGill (@weddingbellsmag), Editor-in-Chief, Weddingbells.

7) “Apply sunscreen to my décolleté, hands, and ears---three areas that are often forgotten!” —Romy Antoun (@ymorbeauty), Beauty Vlogger.

8) “Work my peepers. Everyone tells me my eyes are striking (honest!), but I don't play them up at all. I am going to up my eye game by learning (and perfecting, obvi!) the cat-eye and smoky eye looks for day and night this year. Going from wearing clear mascara to doing daring eye looks for everyday is going to be awesome...scary...and a real makeup game changer for me. Look out world!” —Jennifer Hamilton (@jenngoddess), Editor, Canadian Family.

9) “Experiment. Wear a new eye or lip colour every week that you wouldn't normally wear!” —Jayne Lim (@cosmeticproof), Beauty Blogger, CosmeticProof.com.

10) “I am going to make an effort throughout 2017 to simplify my makeup and skin care collection. Now don’t get me wrong, I use a lot of products on my skin, and I will never be the girl who cleanses and throws just any moisturizer on, but I have products taking up space that simply don’t work for my skin type or have expired—and they need to go. I will be more aware of these products in the next year, and things that don’t work for me will quickly be passed off to girlfriends. A clean and organized vanity will immediately put your mind at ease and open up your creativity. I encourage you all to step back and take a look through every drawer, cupboard and box stuffed with beauty products; pull them out and think about the last time you reached for it. If it’s been a hot minute, say your goodbyes and enjoy the feeling of a de-cluttered, organized beauty life!” —Sara Flemming (@girlmetblush), Freelance Makeup Artist & YouTube Vlogger.

11) “Use a mascara primer every day to condition and protect my lashes, so they grow as long as possible! My favorite is the Dior 3D Lash Maximizer.” —Taylor Doucette (@whenimolderblog), Style & Beauty Blogger, When-Im-Older.com.

12) “When it comes to putting on makeup, I almost always use my fingers. The reasons being, I feel like I have more control over how much I put on, I like how the product melts into my skin from the warmth of my fingers and because I’m a bit lazy. Lately though, there have been so many new cool and innovative brushes that I’m resolving to pick up more makeup brushes in the New Year and giving my fingers a rest. —Mishal Cazmi (@mishalcazmi), Beauty Editor, Glow.

13) “Invest in a good quality eye cream, and actually use it. I always forget how delicate the eye area is and I definitely have been neglecting them over the years. —Catherine Richardson (@beautybycatherine), Beauty Blogger, BeautyByCatherine.com.

14) “Have pretty nails (no more biting) and apply false lashes flawlessly!” —Amy Sousa (@beautybyamysousa), Beauty blogger, PrettyInBronze.com.

15) “Only buy beauty products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.” —Chantal Halley (@chantalscorner), Beauty blogger, ChantalsCorner.ca.

16) “Introduce more colour into my makeup routine. I used to play around with blue eyeshadows and green eyeliners but over the last few years I've stuck with black mascara and the occasional bright lippy. With all the eye-popping hues you can try now, I think it's time to have fun with beauty again!” —Emily Macculloch (@emacculloch), Assistant Fashion & Beauty Editor, Glow.

17) No more transformation, more amplification. It's time to go back to enhancing all the features you were given! —Rebecca Pilozo (@rebeccapilozo), Makeup Artist & Beauty blogger, RebeccasBeautyBoudoir.com.