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Photo: Getty Images

We love our lady Adele — for her powerhouse voice, her devil-may-care attitude, and yes, her beauty. To coincide with the release of her new album, the British songstress also unveiled a new look, one with a modern, grown-up vibe. She’s settled on a shorter do, toned down her typical faux lashes, dabbled with red lips and opted for a more light-handed approach to contour.

But one thing that has hasn’t changed over the years is that milky, flawless skin. It remains the perfect canvas for her makeup — and the secret is now out how she keeps it that way. Her longtime hair and makeup artist, Michael Ashton (aka the source of Adele’s elusively perfect cat-eye swoosh) revealed recently that apart from regular face massages, he’s also “never without” Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution.

But what is this holy water we speak of? Once considered France’s best-kept skincare secret, micellar cleansing waters originating in Paris over a century ago and was used by French women who wanted to curb the detrimental effects the city’s notoriously harsh water had on their skin. Fast-forward to present day and one bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution— the cleansing water that started it all — is now sold every three seconds around the globe.

What makes Bioderma’s signature cleansing water different from your average cleanser or toner? Instead of containing harsh chemicals, the formula is made of micelles (a cluster of tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water) that cling on to the impurities in your skin like dirt, oil and makeup, and then dissolves them leaving behind a glowy, hydrated finish. And unlike toner, the solution doesn’t contain any alcohol, so it’s safe to use around the sensitive eye area. Which all means that Adele’s go-to beauty product doesn’t just cleanse and soothe her skin but, with the help of a soaked cotton tip, keeps the line of her iconic cat-eye flick perfectly in check.

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