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The short answer: Yes! But the longer answer: Of course you do! Throughout our daily hectic lives of work, shop, love and play (not to mention any family and friend commitments), skincare must always be a priority before stepping out your doors, and even heading to bed.

Similar to how we discussed the importance of skincare for city life, using the right type of moisturizer is just as important for your daily regime. While you can often get away with using a basic face moisturizer on your eyes in a pinch, most dermatologists and makeup experts agree that a separate eye cream is best. Why? The skin around the eyes is VERY delicate and much thinner than the skin on your face. It’s roughly ten times thinner to be precise!

The eyes also have fewer oil glands, which means that signs of aging (read: wrinkles, dark circles, lines!) are more likely to surface there before anywhere else. Because of this lack of oil glands, eye creams tend to be lighter in formula. Creams that are too rich or runny can lead to, or even exacerbate, a red, bumpy rash around the eyes called perioral dermatitis. 

In the end, you’re really better off going with a cream specifically formulated for the eyes, like Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate. You can choose one that targets any concerns you might have that are specific to the area, from discolouration to brightening up the eyes. Nothing makes your makeup, and especially eyeliner, POP more than having big, healthy-looking eyes. And starting early with an anti-aging eye cream is never a bad idea either!