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Photos: Getty Images 

By now, you’ve probably noticed that fall’s biggest beauty trends have a flair for the dramatic (hello, dark lips), and you might be worried that they won’t work for you. Well, guess again! Whether you’re 25 or 65, there’s definitely a way to pull off the season’s hottest beauty trends—and look gorgeous doing it! Here are some tips and tricks for pulling off graphic liner, dark lips and naturally flushed cheeks at any age. 

Graphic Liner

20s: Now is the time to experiment with beauty, so don’t be afraid to embrace this trend in a bold way. Your liner doesn’t have to be restricted to your lash line—draw a line on your lid that hugs your brow bone for an edgy look.

30s: Instead of the traditional single flick of eyeliner at the corner of your eye, add two wings per eye for a dramatic twist. Take the look to the next level by combining black liner with white liner or even a bright colour like purple or yellow. 

40s: Applying black eyeliner on your waterline can make eyes appear smaller, which is probably not the look you’re going for, so limit the liner to your top lids to ensure they pop. White or nude eyeliner applied to the inner corners of your eyes will make them look even brighter! 

50s+: Creamy eyeliners run the risk of sliding as the day goes on and creeping into the fine lines around your eyes. Instead, choose a waterproof liquid formula to create an exaggerated cat eye that won’t budge. 

Dark Lips

20s: Go all the way to the dark side by trying out the most extreme version of this hot fall trend: Deep black lipstick. Just remember to keep your complexion warm so blush is key. The goal is to look chic, not costume-y.

30s: Your dark, luscious pout is the star of this look, so keep the focus on your moody lips by opting for minimal makeup on the rest of your face. A swipe of mascara and some strategically applied highlighter (cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow) are all you need.

40s: Pure black lipstick isn’t for everybody (obviously!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to make this trend work for you. Choose a deep burgundy lip colour for a similar look that’s not quite as harsh. And don’t skip your prep steps: Make sure to exfoliate your lips and load up on lip balm before applying your colour. This will give you a perfectly smooth, moisturized canvas to work with.

50s+: Repeat after us: Lip liner is your friend. Use a liner to define your lips and prevent feathering before applying your dark lippy. When in doubt, look to Dior (the middle image above) where Canadian makeup artist Peter Philips steered clear of matte formulas and opted for gloss. For more mature lips, a high-shine texture or stain is infinitely more flattering.

Natural Flush

20s: If you struggle with oily skin, a powder blush is definitely a better option than a cream formula. A powder will stay put longer while giving you that subtle flush that looks like you just came from the gym.

30s: Need to save time in the morning? (Who doesn’t?) Pick a product that does double duty, like a stain that can be used on both your cheeks and your lips. Bonus: Stains blend nicely into the skin for the most natural-looking blush on the market.

40s: Believe it or not, a bright pink or coral blush can actually be more flattering than a cooler tone like dusty pink, so don’t be afraid to layer on a cheery pop of colour. Blush naturally provides a more youthful look (yes!), but steer clear of formulas with sparkle or glitter that veer a little too far into teenybopper territory (no!).

50s+: A creamy blush is your best bet when it comes to defining your cheekbones (not your fine lines). The secret is to blend, blend, blend, so your flush looks like it comes from beneath your skin instead of just sitting on top. No obvious circles, please!