We’ve all had that nightmare: It’s the day of your prom and you’ve just finished getting your makeup done to match that gorgeous dream dress you found on sale, or perhaps you’ve followed a stellar beauty tutorial on YouTube. Then, you look in the mirror and realize your application didn’t come out looking like the Selena Gomez superstar you hoped it would be. Fear not! We’ve got your back. These truly doable DIY tips will have you looking like the prom dot com—and still totally you—in no time. Prepare your acceptance speech, Beauties, you’ll be walking away with the crown as the “Queen of Makeup” style.

Achieving your real world prom look starts with your best skin. In the days before the big event, indulge in your favourite sheet mask (trust us, this is *not* the time to try something new). Then, apply an illuminating moisturizer to amplify your natural glow. Fancy a bit of coverage? Choose a tinted formula. If you woke up with an unplanned stress pimple, prep with a green-tinged colour corrector, and blend a medium-coverage concealer over top. (Beware of overly-thick formulas that create a cakey appearance!) Try: Annabelle Perfector Corrector

A hydrated lip is a happy lip, which is why treating it like the rest of your complexion makes all kinds of sense. The night before prom, gently scrub with a lip exfoliator and a warm face cloth. Next, give lips the spa treatment they deserve using a hydrating balm or lip mask to soften. Now your pout is ready for a powdery-soft lip finish in the colour of your choice—whether it’s a statement hue or a neutral to let your eyes do the talking—no feathering in sight! Try: NYX Cosmetics Powder Puff Lippie Powder Lip Cream

A real-world look is all about avoiding any colour clash, so if eyes are set to be your focal point, make sure the palette complements your dress. Simply put, wear warm tones with warm tones and cool tones with cool tones. For example, earthy eye makeup along with a peachy blush would pair well with an apricot slip dress, whereas greys and silvers with a pinkier blush would flow nicely with a black taffeta mini. If you’re serious about looking awesome and not overboard on the big night, do a rehearsal run on your makeup look the week beforehand. Recruit someone to take test photos—with flash—to troubleshoot any problem areas. Try: Marcelle Smoky Eye Palette in Warm Nudes or Cool Nudes

Contouring is having a real moment, but to achieve a more convincing prom look, leave the multitude of lines to reality television stars. Instead, use a matte bronzer that’s more neutral than orangey, just one shade darker than your skin tone. Apply it with a fan brush (it has fewer and softer bristles than the larger, fluffier one you would normally use to swirl on bronzer), stroking the hollows of your cheeks, your jaw line and your hairline. Use a light hand, and if you’ve gone too far, you can always blend it out with a makeup sponge. Try: Joe Fresh Bronzer

To flatter and open up your eye area with a touch less drama than you what get with a full set of faux lashes, invest in a half lash set. Designed for the outer half of your lash line only, the result is a lifted cat-eye effect—and you reduce the risk of having the strip detach in the inner eye corner where the stick factor is often trickiest. Try: Ardell Half-Lash False Lash Accents

You look good! To make your makeup look last all night long, reach for the setting spray. Better yet? Bring it along for the ride—a spritz in the limo will keep you glowing till sunrise. Try: Revlon Photoready Prep, Set, Refresh Mist