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You’ve just crafted the perfect look for an evening out, complete with full face makeup, long-lasting liquid eyeliner, several coats of waterproof mascara and budge-proof matte lipstick. And while your makeup stayed put throughout the night (it was flawless, ladies!), now comes the challenge of taking it all off without having to scrub your skin or rub the delicate eye area.

With more long-lasting formulas being featured in makeup collection nowadays, you may need a two- or three-pronged approach to getting the makeup off–and that’s where the double cleanse comes in!

Simply put, a double-cleanse involves using a cleansing wipe or oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and surface impurities, and then followed by washing the area with a gel or cream cleanser. For those with oily skin-types, cleansing oils are beneficial for you. The second cleanse will provide a much deeper clean to remove the makeup from the area.

As a rule of thumb: Eye makeup MUST be removed first! An oil-based remover will provide a gentle soft touch to lift the product from your eyes without scrubbing. However, if the eye makeup just won’t budge, douse some cotton pads with makeup remover and place them on top of your eyelids for a few moments to loosen the product without causing irritation.