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Photo: Getty Images

For many of us, bronzer is a must-have. When we are weary, tired, and ghastly pale, a quick swipe of a brush can leave us looking fresh, glowing, and wide awake. Bronzer is endlessly easier to use than, say, blush, and it's much less fussy than foundation. In short, it's the quick fix we all know and love.

It’s why beauty devotees are suddenly smitten with Sun Stripping, the technique that runs a strip of matte bronzer from over the bridge of the nose across one apple of the cheek to the other to mimic the part of the face that tends to show signs of sun first. The trend was spotted all over the Spring 2016 catwalks, from Michael Kors to Chloé to Balmain (shown above), where makeup artists burnished models’ cheeks with variations of bronzer.

Certain brazen beauty trends, however, do not translate to real life (baby bangs, anyone?) and when it comes to Sun Stripping, the last thing you want is a stripey orange line on your face when you’re trying to cheat effortless radiance. So, is it possible to translate the trend IRL and not turn into some tragic bronzer monster? The answer is yes, if you know a few tricks about the right tools and application.

The key to a subtle, just barely sun-kissed luminosity starts with the formula. Forgo any glittery versions, which only accentuate wrinkles and make dehydrated skin look like a patchy disco ball. A matte finish, meanwhile, gives the overall effect of having spent the afternoon gazing at a sky-meets-sea horizon.

The golden rule is less is more. No one wants to explain how you suddenly went from zero to George Hamilton in the middle of the workweek. You want a discreet, tawny rose colour, like you just returned from a sunny drive with the top down.

Finally, remember that a tasteful, sun-stripped look is all about targeted application. Dust bronzer only to the high points on your face, specifically the cheekbones and bridge of the nose and up to your ears, rather than in an all-over uniform veil. Finish with a bit of gloss around the eyes and a slick of warm lip colour (in a palette of peaches, brick reds, or burnt oranges) to heighten the healthy vibe. 

Now go forth and glow!