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With winter’s chill in full effect, it can be tempting to hide away your hands and feet in woolly gloves and cushy boots from now until March. But while they may be sight unseen for most of the coming season, now’s the time to lavish your manis and pedis with extra care. Here are the top tips to keep your hands and feet in summer-ready shape all winter-long.

Exfoliate Daily.
On top of harsh winds and indoor heating, frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizers can dehydrate skin. To help break the dry skin cycle, exfoliate regularly and make it easy by keeping a sugar-based scrub at your sink and in the shower, says Melissa Forrest, a nail artist and spokesperson for Shoppers Drug Mart. Do a daily buff of your heels with a foot file to prevent and treat calluses, and apply a shea butter-based cream or lotion afterwards. Also keep cuticle oil close at hand (such as at your desk, or at your bedside table), and apply it often to keep cuticles from becoming ragged and nails from becoming brittle, says Forrest.

Cover Up.
Keep hands protected whenever you’re outside by wearing insulated gloves. “This will help prevent dryness as well as chapping if you’re prone to this,” says Forrest. Meanwhile, for an extra dose of hydration, slather on a generous amount of hand and foot cream before bed and wrap them in plastic wrap followed by warm socks. You’ll wake up with baby-soft skin by morning.

Keep Up Your Mani/Pedis.
This won’t solve all of your winter skin woes, but keeping up your regular routine of manicures and pedicures can go a long way towards keeping your feet and hands looking pretty. And with regular maintenance, you won’t need to do as much work in between to rectify any neglect (read: fighting stubborn calluses). “This is not the time to ignore your feet,” says Forrest. “It's much easier to keep your feet looking fresh during the winter months because they’re nestled into warm socks every day.”