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Sparked by Korean beauty trends, multi-step skin care layering routines have highlighted the importance of when to apply certain products to get the most out of them. But as it turns out, how you apply your serums and creams is just as important as when you apply them. 

Enter: facial massage. This relaxing and thorough beauty treatment has been used for decades by facialists to not only relax the skin, but also drive skin care ingredients deeper into the base, thereby maximizing their full potential. Paris-based skin care brand Clarins has been touting facial massages to use in tandem with its skin care products since it launched in the 1950s. By applying different pressures to the skin, the products’ active ingredients and their benefits are amplified, according to the brand.

Some beauty companies, such as Shiseido and Clinique, have even launched at-home facial massage devices to help mimic the magic touch of a facialist. These handy devices help increase the skin’s circulation and prepare it to receive beneficial ingredients.

“By applying massage and warming up the skin, it increases blood flow and opens up the energy in the skin and muscles, which helps to drive the ingredients in deeper and help them work more efficaciously,” says renowned London-based facialist Nicola Joss. “With massage, our body also relaxes, as does the skin, and it becomes more accepting of ingredients.”

So next time you reach for that coveted serum, perhaps it’s time to put your own magic fingers to work. It’s for the benefit of your skin, after all.