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Ordinarily, most men follow a fairly basic skin care routine—wash, hydrate, repeat. But winter isn’t ordinary, and with your face being the one swath of skin truly exposed all day, you’re going to need more than just genetics and touch of moisturizer to keep it up. Below are our top tips and product picks to protect yourself from the polar vortex and beyond.

1) Lotion up. You’re already using a moisturizer, right? Good. Unfortunately, though, with whipping winds, frigid air and sub-zero temps, ordinary lotion simply won’t stop your skin from becoming irritated and dry. Luckily, there’s stronger stuff out there that works from top to toe. Formulated with the most oomph per ounce, Biotherm’s Aquapower 72H is a long-lasting, super-concentrated ‘glacial skin hydrator’ that delivers continuous moisture to your face, while the Dry Skin moisturizer guarantees to sooth your body’s surface even in the most brutal conditions.

2) Slough it off. Have you ever noticed that the colder it gets, the more you find yourself scratching? Well, it’s not just from the wool sweater you’re wearing. No, It’s actually more likely due to things like central heat, which sucks the moisture out of the air, leaving your skin parched in the process. Stop the resulting itchiness with a heavy-duty exfoliator and get rid of dead cells and increase blood flow, keeping skin looking so fresh and so clean, clean. Try Biotherm Homme Face Scrub.

3) Pay lip service. While we’re on the topic of your face, let’s focus in a bit on one part in particular: your lips. Turns out, they’ve got your lips are some of the thinnest skin on your entire body, so it’s important to keep them protected if you don’t want them cracked and painful all season long. Try the emollient rich Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 with Black Tea.

4) Keep an eye on eye care. In the same way that your lips are prone to being affected by the weather, so are your eyes, because their skin is also ultra-thin. This time, however, the resulting dryness will make wrinkles more pronounced. To cut premature aging off at the pass, an eye defender like Shiseido Men’s Total Revitalizer Eye.

5) Lend a hand. One part of the body that is often exposed to the cold but often forgotten is the hands. If you’re not one for gloves then it’s highly recommended to invest in a heavy-duty hand cream. Not only will it protect your mitts from the cold weather but it will also help to soften callused skin and cuticles, perfect if you’re a gym goer. Hand cream is a must for those who wash their hands often or work outdoors. Try Clarins Men Active Hand Care.

6) Shave right. For gents that prefer the clean-shaven look it’s worth spending a bit of extra time on the prep and post shave routine. If possible, shave straight after your shower when the pores are open and the hair is softer. Then massage a skin-softening shaving product like Clinique for Men Aloe Shave Gel into the hair, making sure to rinse after each stroke.

Post-shave try using a cooling balm like Clinique for Men Post-Shave Soother to calm redness and sensitivity. Plus you will the risk of developing a shaving rash, which is a more common problem with dryer, winter skin.

7) Keep your cool. Nothing beats a long, hot shower on a cold winter morning but while it might make you feel good, it’s not a great start to the day for skin. Hot water strips the skin of its natural, protective oils. It’s best to turn down the heat and reduce the time you spend in the shower to give your skin a fighting chance when temperatures plummet outside. You can also lather on a moisturizing, antioxidant-boosted body wash help curb some of the day-to-day dryness while preventing aging down the road. Try Jack Black All-Over Wash.

8) Fight On. When the season’s taken an especially big toll on your skin, don’t stop at moisturizer to get things back in working order. Supercharge your winter skincare with a vitamin-packed serum. Like the vitamin-packed shot you might add to your protein shake or juice in the morning, serums are a highly concentrated add-on, which promises to get you the results you want (think enhanced hydration, brightness, and clear skin) from your skincare products more quickly and effectively. Serums go on after you wash your face, but before you moisturize and there are even ones designed specifically for night-time use, so you can slather them on for maximal morning results. Try Biotherm Age Fitness Advanced Night.