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For those addicted to contouring, “tantouring” – contouring with self-tanner – can be an easy way to wear the look while maximizing your beauty routine. Since self-tanner lasts a few days or more, you’ll look chiseled and sculpted without having to reapply makeup every day.

Here, Sophie Evans, St. Tropez tanning and skin finishing expert, shares her tips for getting your glow on. Beauty junkies take note: it may take some practice to master the technique, but the results are totally worth it.

Base Coat.
Evans recommends applying a coat of self-tanner in a lighter shade “to even the complexion and create a light glow.”

Next, choose a darker shade of self-tanner to add definition. “You must use two different strengths of self-tanner otherwise the contours will simply blend in and disappear once the tan has fully developed,” says Evans. Using a makeup brush or cosmetic sponge, apply the darker shade to places where you want to create shadows: in the cheek hollows, sides and bridge of the nose, sides of the temples and under the chin.

Evans recommends waiting four to eight hours for the tanner to fully develop before cleansing your face. “You will have a gorgeous glow with contours that will last for days,” she says. “Less or no makeup required!”