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Though the idea of blue eye makeup may initially conjure visions of sky-blue, '80s-gone-bad eye shadow, thanks to a slew of appearances on the spring/summer 2016 runways—from pretty washes of cerulean at Diane von Furstenberg (seen above) to loud pops of teal at Missoni (and every cool girl's eyelids thereafter)—it's making a triumphant return to our makeup rotation.

Now let's set things straight: the new looks are nothing like those first, frosty shadows you matched to your baby tees. Instead, this trend comes in the form of aqua cat-eyes and inky shadows that, believe it or not, complement every skin tone and eye colour. And since the blues don’t seem to be going anywhere (if our Instagram feed is any indication), we’ve broken down three catwalk-inspired yet modern (read: realistic) ways to wear them. Each approach is based on how bold you're willing to go, from "I'll dip my toes in first" mild to "let's do this thing" major. To play with this punchy pigment, just follow any one (or all three) of the eye-catching examples below. We hate to say we told you so, but you look beautiful in blue.

Easy Azure Eyeliner

This first style is a super-fast makeup look to get maximum impact for minimal effort; it’s also good to apply on the go, whether you’re running late or doing your makeup in transit. Simply dip an angled eyeliner brush into your favourite blue shadow (a blue eye pencil also works) and drag the brush along the waterline. Swipe on some lip gloss and get going.

Turquoise Cat-eye

We know a standard cat-eye isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but done in a fetching cornflower colour (not to mention a matching mani) and it feels futuristic—perfectly straddling the line between throwback and ultra-modern. To get this look, draw a thick line of turquoise liner along your upper lash line, winging it out at the outer corner. Then glide the color along the bottom lashes, going back and forth to beef it up as much as you want. A light coat of mascara and just a hint of blush round out the look.

Smoky with Sparkly Navy

For this smoldering nighttime eye, you’ll want to arm yourself with a shadow palette, so you can have a spectrum of matte and shimmery, dark and light shades to work with. Start with a paler blue base colour and sweep it all over the lid and underneath along the waterline. To add even more intensity, take a deeper, slightly shimmery (not glittery!) navy shadow and work it into the crease and upper lash line. Finish with a couple of coats of navy-black mascara. Keep the rest of your makeup subdued with just a sweep of blush beneath your cheekbones and a touch of lip balm applied with your fingers for a sheer look.

Voilà. Three sophisticated runway-inspired looks that prove you can pull off blue eye makeup with real-life aplomb.