International Inbound Travel COVID-19 Testing

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing in now available for those enrolled in the International Border Pilot Project.

Participating pharmacies can be found here

The Government of Canada, in collaboration with the Government of Alberta, has introduced a Pilot Project for travelers who are:

  1. Returning from international destinations, and
  2. Arriving and quarantining in Alberta

This program has been designed to provide these travelers a fast and convenient option to reduce their time in quarantine. Shoppers Drug Mart is pleased to support Alberta Health Services by providing asymptomatic testing for those enrolled in the Pilot Project. Eligible individuals will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in Alberta, and then will take their second test at a participating Shoppers Drug Mart location 6 or 7 days after their arrival. Travelers looking to get the test done should contact a participating location by phone AFTER receiving a negative result from their first test. Email requests are not accepted. Bookings can not be made online, please call a location that offers testing.

Please Note: Only select Shoppers Drug Mart locations offer the testing service at this time.

If the first test result is negative, the incoming traveler may leave quarantine, but must not enter a group living environment, not be in contact with individuals who are at risk of more severe disease, and not attend gatherings of more than 10 people. For example, health care workers must not return to work in health care settings.

Incoming travelers will also need to monitor their symptoms and report them daily. If the participant remains asymptomatic by the sixth or seventh day after arrival, the participant will receive a second COVID-19 test, at a participating Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy. The participant must wear a mask to the appointment.

Pilot participants who develop symptoms will be excluded from the pilot program immediately, and referred to to book a test through AHS. Participating Pharmacies will not test symptomatic individuals.

This program is limited to the individuals who have been accepted into the Pilot Project for international travelers. For additional information on the program, please visit :