International Outbound Travel COVID-19 Testing

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Participating pharmacies can be found here

COVID-19 testing is available at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations for asymptomatic individuals who require a negative COVID-19 test in preparation for an upcoming international flight. Results are typically available within 48 hours. Cost is $150 plus tax.

Shoppers Drug Mart is not responsible for determining the timing required for your test. Please ensure you know how much lead time you require for your test before calling to book an appointment.

All appointment and booking requests and payments will be accepted through the accredited testing lab’s online portal.

If you are travelling to Hawaii, please verify the details of the Hawaii Safe Travels program that are specific to your airline, including the effective date of the program, before booking your test. Please visit https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel-partners/ or contact your airline directly for more information.


Am I eligible for the test?

In order to be eligible for testing, you must:
  • Have an upcoming international flight and can provide flight details as confirmation
  • Be asymptomatic (you have no symptoms of COVID-19)*
  • Have not been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days**
  • Have not travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days***
  1. Fill out an intake form and pay for your test.
    Through the accredited testing lab’s online portal, you will be asked to complete a digital form which includes a self-screening questionnaire, important intake details, along with payment details. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email, along with a requisition form that you must print prior to visiting a Shoppers Drug Mart location for your appointment. Complete the intake form which will open in a new tab: Intake Form
  2. Book Your Appointment.
    After payment through the accredited testing lab’s online portal, please call a participating Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy to book your appointment. For a list of participating pharmacies, click here. Reminder – Always check the pre-travel requirements and advisories of your intended destination to ensure you meet eligibility criteria for entry to the destination. Shoppers Drug Mart is not responsible for determining the timing required for your test. Please ensure you know how much lead time you require for your test before calling to book.
  3. Come in for your test.
    You must meet eligibility criteria in order to receive the COVID-19 test in a pharmacy. If you are eligible, please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. Your appointment should not take longer than 15-30 minutes.
  4. Get your results!
    You will receive your results by email from the accredited testing lab. Results are typically ready (but not guaranteed) within 48 hours of collection.
    Please remember you must wear a face mask and maintain social distancing while in store. Find more information on requirements for appointments at Shoppers Drug Mart here.
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*Shortness of breath at rest, inability to lie down because of difficulty breathing, chronic health conditions that you are having difficulty managing because of your current respiratory illness, fever, new onset of cough or worsening of chronic cough, new or worsening shortness of breath, new or worsening difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose, chills, painful swallowing, stuffy nose, headache, muscle or joint ache, feeling unwell, fatigue or severe exhaustion, nausea, vomiting diarrhea or unexplained loss of appetite, loss of sense of smell or taste, conjunctivitis (pink eye)
**In the past 14 days, have not had close contact with someone who is confirmed as having COVID-19 and have not been notified by public health that you may have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19.
***The exception is if you are enrolled in the International Border Testing Pilot Program