A better quality of life for people with MS?

Finding ways to make it easier to live with MS is another popular area of research. This research can take many forms, including investigating the effects of existing MS treatments on quality of life, looking for new ways to manage symptoms, and finding ways to help people with MS function better at home and work.

Here is some new research that has been done into quality of life:

Exercise improves quality of life (QoL). Researchers combined the results of 13 studies to look at the overall effect of exercise on QoL, and found that an exercise program can help make a small improvement in QoL for people with MS.

It's time to talk about pain management. Scientists in Edmonton interviewed 41 patients with MS who were living in long-term care facilities and found that even though half of them were in mild-to-moderate pain all the time, less than one-quarter of them were asked to measure their pain. So if you have MS-related pain, don't suffer in silence! Talk to your doctor about pain control.

Motivational interviewing can help resolve job issues. Researchers in Seattle using preliminary data suggest that using a technique called motivational interviewing (a type of counselling that helps people make changes in their lives by exploring and resolving areas where they are caught between two conflicting courses of action) can help people with MS resolve job-related issues and increase the chances of keeping their jobs.

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