Baby games

Planning to buy a bunch of toys to entertain your infant? Save your money  your baby will be much happier, and more stimulated, playing games with you. Babies’ interests change as they grow and develop, but here are some tried and true games few can resist:

Now you see me, now you don’t.

Babies never tire of peekaboo. Drape a towel over your face and say, “Where’s Mommy?” Pull it off a second later and give baby a big smile as you say, “Peekaboo! Here I am!” Your baby will want you to do it over and over.

Wait for it...

Any game where your little one can anticipate what’s going to happen next is great fun. Babies learn through repetition and are delighted when you repeat something enough times that they know what’s coming next. These games can be anything from saying, “Who wants a kiss?” several times before you plant a kiss on baby’s cheek, to the “tickling” songs most of us remember from our own childhood (“This Little Piggy” is a hit with babies of all ages).

Get physical.

Babies love it when adults help them experience motion in new and exciting ways. At diaper-changing time, move baby’s legs in a bicycling motion (sing along while you do it — “The Wheels on the Bus” makes a terrific accompaniment). You can also sit your baby up on your lap and help her clap her hands while you sing “Pat-a-Cake.”

Not only are these games a way for you to connect with your baby, but they also help in his learning and development. And some of the best games will be the unique ones that you and your baby create together.