Build a tool kit

Using the Internet is a fast and convenient way to search for health information. But it's not the only way. When you're looking for information about MS, try to build a tool-kit from which you can choose among several tools for finding information. In addition to using the Internet to find health information, try using the following sources (but remember to be critical!):

The library: Most libraries have a health section where you can find information about medical conditions – their causes, symptoms, treatment options and prevention tips. If you need more detailed information and live close to a university or college, visit their medical library. Most medical libraries contain reputable journals that contain recent studies and articles about current health issues.

The newspaper: Newspapers usually present information about recent studies. Make sure that evidence is well supported with references and is unbiased. Are the pros and cons of a "scientific advance" listed? If you rely on the newspaper when searching for health information, shop around and read several sources. Each newspaper may present a recent medical finding in a different light.

Health magazines: Most magazines offer a general overview of health conditions and medical issues. Make sure that health information takes care of your physical, emotional and mental needs.

Drugstores: Many drugstores have brochures, pamphlets, and even patient videos that contain health information. Usually pharmacists are available to answer questions you might have about any medications you might be taking.

Your doctor and pharmacist: Ask you doctor or pharmacist about information you find in the sources above. They can help you evaluate the source and make sure that the information is relevant to you. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist about information surrounding any medications you are taking.

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