Colds or Flu – Tips to help you feel better, faster

Okay – there’s no effective cure for colds and flu. But if you do get a cold or the flu, you can try to reduce the misery by following these tips…

Stay in bed and rest. Stay home (or keep family members home) to minimize the spread of the cold or flu. Staying in bed and resting allows the body to use its strength to fight the virus and help you get well faster.

Sneeze into your elbow, not the air or your hand –This mainly helps reduce the spread of the virus to others, by avoiding the spray of virus particles or transfer to your hand, other surfaces or people.

Drink plenty of fluids – Drinking plenty of fluids helps replace those used by the body to fight the virus – think about all that sneezing and the runny nose.

Throw away used tissues – A simple idea, but often overlooked. Don’t allow those germs to be transferred to surfaces or hands. And wash your hands afterward.

Stay warm and keep nasal passages moist – Dress warmly, so your body can use its energy to fight the virus, not warm you and take hot showers. Life Brand also has a range of Humidifiers and Vapourizers to help keep the air around you moist. Inhaling steam can help soothe the symptoms of cold and flu.

Avoid exercise – Leave the gym visits until you are symptom free. Let your body focus on fighting the cold or flu.

Treat symptoms – No need to suffer cold or flu symptoms needlessly if relief is possible. Make note of your specific symptoms and then choose a cold or flu medication that will address those symptoms. Life Brand has convenient Cold and Flu tablets, Liquids, Nasal Sprays and Soothing Hot Lemon Drinks that can help. Always, talk to your Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist if you are unsure about which one to choose. And, if you use a medicine you already have at home, be sure to first check the expiry date on it to ensure it is still good to use.

Know when to get help - If symptoms continue after a week, or especially if they worsen, see your Doctor – It may mean an infection has developed, or you have a more serious illness.

Check the Life Brand quick guide to help you identify the right product to treat your cold and flu symptoms:

  • Only a few of the many Life Brand products are listed in the chart below. A more extensive product selection is available in store. More than one product may be needed to treat your symptoms.
  • Identify your symptoms in the chart then speak to your Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist to make sure you choose the product that is right for you.
  • To treat a child, be sure you choose a product that is formulated for their age and weight. Life Brand grape flavoured DM Decongestant Children’s Syrup is suitable for children 6 years of age and older.