Coping with mood swings

Fortunately there are ways to keep moodiness to a minimum during pregnancy. Here are five tips to pamper, soothe and nourish yourself into calm.

1. Claim your ME Time
Book plenty of premium-quality ME time now—you may not get it later. Make a point of fitting in time everyday for simple pleasures like walking, reading a book, or enjoying a night out with friends. You can even spend some time getting your iPod in order. Download new music and make a playlist of tunes that relax you.

2. Benefit from a good workout
Exercise and fitness are crucial for the management of physical and emotional health, so don’t skip your workouts. But, always remember safety comes first. The best activities for expectant moms are low-impact. Think: swimming, yoga, Pilates and walking.

3. Address your fears and anxieties
As much as pregnancy is a time of happy anticipation, it can also be a time of worry:

What will childbirth be like?
Will my baby be healthy?
How will a baby affect our love life?

Anxiety’s a normal part of the process, so don’t banish these thoughts from your brain. Get real advice from friends and family, and don’t be afraid ask the tough questions about their post-baby life.

4. Pamper your senses with soothing bath and body products
First, care for tired, swollen ankles and feet that ache with a thick, nourishing foot cream. Next, swap out your regular bathtime soap for an ultra-hydrating body wash that leaves skin feeling like silk. Lastly, follow this with a scented body lotion, to soothe itchy, dry expectant-mom skin. Breathe in the soothing, aromatherapy scent blends. Ahhh, calmer already, right?!

The beauticians at Shoppers Drug Mart can help you find a mix of products to suit your needs. What’s a good place to start? Bio-Oil can help soothe dehydrated skin, while Baléa offers a line of pleasantly scented products that will have you relaxed in no time.

5. Snack on something good
Frequent snacks keep blood sugar levels even, which means fewer energy slumps and thus mood swings. When you’re eating for two, it’s essential to snack smart. Nativa Organics nuts, microwave popcorn and rice cakes are healthy choices for hungry moms.