During your appointment

Bring support: Ask a family member, friend or spouse to come with you. You might need the moral support, and two sets of ears are better than one. Your friend or spouse can help you remember your doctor's advice. And you might need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Bring any medications, vitamins and herbal products you are taking. Discuss any side effects you might be experiencing. Your doctor can help you find an alternative medication if necessary.

Ask lots of questions and ask the most important questions first! If you don't understand your doctor's answers, ask for explanations in terms you can relate to. Try repeating what your doctor says, in your own words. If you still don't understand, ask where you can go for more information.

Be honest: Your doctor will appreciate you sharing information such as side effects from medications, and any lifestyle changes that may affect your condition. Be honest with your doctor if you haven't been taking your medications as prescribed. Try to clearly describe any changes in body functions, such as sleep and bowel habits, that you experience. And don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions or give honest answers – there's no "dumb" questions!

Stay on topic: It's nice to chat about the weather or the home team's latest win, but stick to the point: leave the small talk for later.

Take notes: It's hard to remember everything your doctor says, so bring your notepad and jot down important information that you can review later.

Ask for written or recorded information: Have your doctor to write down their instructions to you, and ask for any printed information they might have about your condition.

Be friendly: Remember that doctors are people too, and they will respond pleasantly to pleasant people.

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