Facing challenges

The strain that a diagnosis of MS puts on your ability to cope is especially challenging. Initial feelings of hopelessness, coupled with fear and uncertainty, are normal responses to facing a difficult, life-changing illness. At first, you might do some soul-searching, which will reveal deep-seated hopes and dreams and can lend your life heightened focus and meaning. But these hopes are re-evaluated when the course of the illness disturbs the pattern of life and health you've come to expect.

MS is a chronic condition that, over time, may worsen. Adapting to these progressive changes can bring on anxiety and fear, which are perfectly acceptable - and often necessary - reactions to the unknown. But as you gradually adjust to these new challenges, a life-affirming transformation can take place. You'll find the right questions to ask, understand how to change self-defeating behaviour, and discover new ways to cope. You'll also find the strength to make occasional adjustments to your goals by "making peace" with the course of the illness.


This article was amended from an article published in the Winter 2003 Compass, by Sheryl Clarke, BScN, RN.

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