Fitness goodies

A consistent and varied exercise routine can help you reap amazing benefits in terms of overall health and energy. If you've got a friend or family member who's expressed an interest in getting in better shape, support their exercise goals with a fitness-inspired gift.

  • Pay for a pal's sign-up fees and first couple of months’ membership to a gym.
  • Shell out for a few sessions with a personal trainer.
  • Reserve a spot for you and a friend at a yoga or meditation retreat.
  • Give a friend a gift registration in an adventurous fitness trend, such as pole dancing. To make it even more fun, join them!
  • Workout DVDs can help make a home gym a reality. Pull together a collection of several different routines, such as Pilates, yoga, core training, tai chi, aerobics, and dancing.
  • Encourage a stick-with-it fitness attitude by giving fitness trackers. Wearable fitness trackers are available in a wide range of different functions and options. Pedometers count a person's steps and motivate them to walk more. Heart rate monitors help a person know when they've reached their optimal heart rate for aerobic benefits. And body mass index monitors can target a person's healthiest weight range for their height.
  • Sometimes a person's only excuse for not working out is that the equipment is just too expensive. Nix that from their list by gifting them with gear. Some affordable ideas include:
    • resistance bands
    • various sizes of fitness balls
    • a jump rope
    • yoga accessories, such as mats, mat bags, props, and yoga wear
    • hiking boots or running shoes

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