Whatever role you’ll play at your next wedding, getting your photo taken is a given. That means it’s time to up your beauty game to withstand the camera’s flash, the sun’s sweltering rays and all those teary-eyed speeches. Here, Toronto-based celebrity makeup artist Simone Otis shares her best advice for how to sidestep five potential mishaps.

Faux Pas #1: Squeezing in Skin Treatments
Whether we’re talking professional facials or high-tech, at-home laser devices, elaborate treatments have been known to bring acne and redness to the surface before giving way to a re-balanced, radiant visage—and should be done at least seven days prior to any special occasion. Instead, Otis recommends scheduling an extra 30 minutes of skin time on the big day. Gently massage your face to bring about natural plumpness, and relax with a luxurious face sheet mask—steps with low risk and loads of reward! Try: Shiseido Power Brightening Mask

Faux Pas #2: Skipping Rehearsal
Whether you plan to book a professional makeup artist or do it yourself, take test shots wearing your planned beauty look a few weeks in advance. Possible missteps: accidentally over-correcting with foundation (avoid ones with SPF, which can look dull in flash photography) and wearing lipstick that appears wildly different than it did in your windowless bathroom mirror. “Taking selfies in a variety of possible lighting situations will have you most prepared,” notes Otis. “Try with a flash, without a flash, in natural light and under a light bulb. If you like the look of your makeup in all the lighting you are set.” Try: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

Faux Pas #3: Layering Like a Wedding Cake
The trick to flawless-looking makeup that lasts right through to the chicken dance? It’s not adding more and more product, which will only cause makeup to crease and separate as the sun settles in and the sweat begins to dry. Instead, start with a solid primer that prolongs makeup wear as it blurs fine lines and imperfections with optical microspheres. Likewise, a separate eye shadow primer helps prevent shadow from creasing or smudging. Next, apply makeup in light layers, says Otis, building only where necessary so your natural skin texture shines through. Between layers, blot with a tissue to gently lift excess product. And when you need to remove moisture throughout the day, resist the urge to lay on the powder, opting for blotting papers instead. Try: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Photo Finish Lid Primer

Faux Pas #4: Overcontouring
“The key to believable contour is achieving a soft shadow that gives definition to the face but doesn’t stand out as a distinct line,” says Otis. To achieve a cheek-chiseling effect that promises to be true, Otis suggests using a cream formula or even a foundation a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Suck in your cheekbones and apply to the inner hollows using a medium fluffy brush to diffuse the product, and continue along your jawline, hairline and the sides of your nose if you desire. Try: Quo Professional Signature Brush Collection; Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

Faux Pas #5: Using All Your Tricks
It’s natural to get excited about doing something extra for a special occasion, but beware of putting on the glitz to the point of regret. Classics are a safer bet than high-fashion trends like strobing, glitter and cut-crease eyes. Otis recommends going with a tried-and-true lip shade that is as close to your own lip colour as possible, or your favourite pink or red hue. To keep neutrals on eyes looking bright, dab shimmering white or pale gold into the inner-eye corners (and don’t forget the waterproof mascara!) Likewise, experiment with soft, melded-in highlights on the high points of your face to help skin look glowy and fresh. They should read as virtually transparent in your test photography, as opposed to blatantly obvious! Try: Lise Watier Simply Nudes Eyeshadow Palette; Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick