From Prabal Gurung to Zadig & Voltaire, backstage makeup artists at fall fashion weeks around the world played with graphic sweeps in every colour of the rainbow. For a more wearable take that you can wear to the grocery store without drawing *as many* side-eyes, try a fall colour like the burgundy seen at La Perla, or the sassy cobalt blue, worn at Anna Sui.

A lot of eye shadows promise true pigment payoff, but trust us, the deepest intensity only comes from layering textures. Painterly eyes pair well with a peachy blush and a warm nude lip. However, don’t apply any of it (or your foundation) until your lid look is complete; there’s bound to be some eyeshadow fallout that lands on your cheeks, and you don’t want any of those sprinkles messing with your perfect base.

One thing you will want to do in advance? Line your upper lashes with liquid eyeliner for even richer definition. Once that is good to go, here’s how to create picture-perfect colourful lids:

Step 1: Start with a cream base.
Concentrate the pigment (we chose navy) in the centre area, extending the colour down to meet your eyeliner. No need to fuss with any cat shape or crazy flicks; simply blend up and out, just past the crease, following your eyelid’s natural shape.

Step 2: Add eye shadow.
Vary the finish to bring more dimension to your eyes—think, a 3-D effect at every angle. Grab a fluffy brush and apply a tone of shimmery powder eye shadow similar to your cream base, using the same method as described above.

Step 3: Finish with highlight.
Apply a final hit of glimmer powder, in a white, opal or silvery shade to the centre of the lid, about the size of a thumbnail, to avoid any chance of a dark, flat result. Blend the edges for seamless polish.