Gucci models treaded out onto the catwalk with studded lips as OTT as the designer’s bejewelled floral bags, but a range of textures and a metallic top coat are all you need to shine just as brightly. Think of this look as “lip art lite.” Wear your own metallic lips with a sheer finish, buildable foundation—in other words, your makeup should make pores look like baby skin, and blend in as believably. (Cake, and you risk looking more tawdry than tasteful.)

On the catwalk, metallic lips are worn with an ultra-bare face, but IRL, you can add a smidge of cheek contour using a cream formula that melts into skin with the warmth of your fingers, layering a soft coral cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks over top. It’s about that healthy glow! And as a final touch, fill in sparse eyebrows using a strand-matching shadow and an angled brush, combing hairs up with a spooly for the win.

Here are three steps to bedazzle your stunning smile:

Step 1: Amplify your base.
Any work of art requires a decent-sized canvas, and you can expand yours with this pout-enhancing trick. Using a lip liner (we chose a cranberry shade), trace your lips’ natural edge precisely along the outer corners. Around the centre area, draw slightly outside of your lip line, rounding out the sharp mid-point of your cupid’s bow to steal a few extra millimetres.

Step 2: Fill in the colour.
Choose a creamy lipstick in a shade similar to your lip liner and apply it using a lip brush for greater precision. You’ll notice a more pillow-y effect in the centre area from the lining technique used in step 1.

Step 3: Get that glitter.
First, layer a liquid lip gloss on top of your lipstick to create a surface the glitter can attach itself to without sliding off. Next, blend a gold, opal or white metallic loose powder with a similarly hued glitter on a flat surface. Dip a brush into the mixture and dab onto lips for that final topping of shine.