Good grooming with MS

In a perfect world, we could all start our day with a luxury spa treatment. But most of us can't afford it. So here's how to get that well-groomed look in your own home every day.


  • Have your hair trimmed frequently (every month or so). For a good haircut without the hefty price tag, try visiting a beauty school. Many offer cheap or free haircuts.
  • If you have trouble holding a hair dryer, try a hands-free dryer or a dryer stand. Or switch to a cut that can be styled without a blow dryer.
  • If washing your hair is too tiring or difficult, see if you can find a friend, caregiver, or family member to help you. On days where there's no one to help you, try a dry shampoo. These shampoos do not need rinsing. They're available where cosmetics are sold, and also from some camping equipment stores. You can also consider a hairstyle that looks and feels good without frequent washing. Check with your stylist for advice.

Make-up and skin care

  • Both men and women should cleanse and moisturize their skin daily. Consult a cosmetician for specific advice based on your skin type.
  • Adding blush or lip color can give your look an instant lift. For men, a bronzing powder can give a healthy glow.
  • If fatigue is an issue, sit down while you are doing your hair, skin, and makeup. Take a break if you are tired, and try resting your elbows on the counter so that you don't have to hold them up. This can also make it easier to apply moisturizer and makeup if your hands are unsteady.
  • Be especially careful when applying makeup to the eyes if your hands are unsteady, as you may accidentally get makeup, an applicator, or a brush into the delicate eye area. Consider getting someone to help.
  • If you have vision problems, try a magnifying mirror that can be held up with a clamp or a stand. This will make it easier to see the area you are working on.


  • For men: To reduce the risk of cutting yourself while shaving, consider buying an electric razor. Some men with MS take the opportunity to start a beard.
  • For women: To make shaving easier, you may want to try an electric razor, depilatory creams and lotions, or the new bladeless shaver products. If it's too hard to do the hair removal yourself, you can also consider having the areas waxed, sugared, or bleached at a salon, or investing in laser hair removal.

Good grooming will help you look and feel your best. Check with your stylist, cosmetician, or MS nurse if you have any questions.

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