How are you supporting the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccinations?

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How are you supporting the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccinations?

So, some of the support that I am finding that as a pharmacist I am providing for the roll out of the COVID vaccines is firstly, just providing the answers to the public about when they are going to be able to get their vaccine, when they can come into the pharmacy to get their vaccine. I think the biggest challenge we have as pharmacists is providing a level of hope to our patients but at the same time tempering their expectations. And the other element that came to me was there was an ask for pharmacists to assist in the vaccination roll out at various hospitals, here in the lower mainland and in other parts of B.C hospitals. The goal was to start vaccinating the hospital staff and when I was asked to help with that opportunity, I jumped at it, I thought it was a tremendous opportunity for me to be able to contribute and to help put an end to this pandemic. So, our role as vaccinators at these clinics was quite streamlined and we blended in quite well with the other healthcare professionals at these clinics. And the pharmacists at these clinics including myself, were able to administer quite a number of other front-line healthcare professionals and seamlessly help them with their vaccination and recovery post vaccination recovery.

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