How can your pharmacist play an active role in your health and be part of your healthcare?

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How can your pharmacist play an active role in your health and be part of your healthcare?

Your pharmacist and your pharmacy team is such an important part of your healthcare team. Really, our job is to oversee all of your medications, and in some cases people are seeing not just one but several prescribers to ensure that their health is up to date. Your pharmacist is really able to quarterback your medication profile, see all of the things that you are taking, and also coordinate with the different prescribers to make sure that what you are taking is appropriate for you. Truly pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers out there. Many of us are available until midnight or sometimes twenty four hours a day, for consultations either in store or over the phone. By having a complete list of your medications profile, as well as over the counter medications that you are taking, we’re able to provide the best advice for you to make sure that you remain healthy. Whether it’s vaccines or immunizations, diabetes training, these are things that your pharmacist is here and is well trained to provide you the best information.

Whether you have questions about your prescription medications, over-the-counter products, immunizations, or other health concerns, our pharmacists are here to help.

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This information included in this recording is correct as of February 19th, 2021.