How is a Medication Review different from the counselling I get when I pick up my prescriptions?

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How is a Medication Review different from the counselling I get when I pick up my prescriptions?

Although you may receive excellent information with the pharmacist when you have a counselling session, a medication review is very different. In a medication review we review all your medications, over the counter therapies, lifestyle issues, and things which can affect your overall medication therapy as a whole. I like to compare it being counselling at the counter is more a snapshot in time, whereas a medication review encompasses the whole book of health and your medication therapies. As well, in medication reviews we can identify such things that may benefit you like A1C testing for diabetes, dietary issues which may require referral to a dietitian. We can also assess your vaccination status for things like shingles, pneumonia, travel health and make appropriate recommendations there and really it's just a whole health approach as opposed to just speaking to you about one medication.

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*PharmaCheck medication review in New Brunswick, the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program, MedsCheck in Ontario, and similarly named programs in other provinces and territories are funded by their respective provincial or territorial governments for those who are eligible.

The information included in this recording is correct as of June 11th, 2021