How To Do Your Holiday Makeup in Just 5 Minutes

A quick and easy tutorial using products from Joe Fresh!

When it comes to holiday parties, my makeup mantra is "high impact, low effort."

That's right—I want to look festive, but I can't be spending tons of time on my face. (I've got places to go, people to see, shopping to do, etc!)

That's where today's tutorial comes in. I've created a fresh, classic look that is glamorous enough for any special occasion, but will only take you five minutes to do. It will work on all skin tones and with any outfit, and you absolutely do not need any special makeup skills to achieve it.

Here's what I used from Joe Fresh to create my "5-Minute Face" for the holiday season:

  • Joe Fresh Sheer Tint in Porcelain 
  • Joe Fresh Eye Shadow in Twinkle
  • Joe Fresh 8 Hr Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Black
  • Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing Mascara
  • Joe Fresh Blush in Rose
  • Joe Fresh Bronzer Duo in Golden Tan
  • Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Raspberry
  • Joe Fresh Long Wear Lip Liner in Deep Red

Quick note to say: the quality of this makeup is seriously GREAT. If you haven't tried Joe Fresh yet, I think you'll be mega-impressed by the textures, pigmentation and finishes, especially compared to other brands at this price point. Honestly, I love every single thing on this list!

Okay, on to the tutorial...

Step 1: Even Out Your Complexion

To start, I covered minor skin imperfections and evened out my tone with Joe Fresh Sheer Tint in Porcelain. I'm actually a long-time user of this tinted moisturizer, which a makeup artist recommended to me a few years ago. It gives you lightweight coverage and a beautiful (non-greasy) glow, and the undertones are nice and neutral—not too pink, like most drugstore foundations. You can apply it with a brush, or just use your fingers, like I did here.

Step 2: Define Your Eyes

I think it looks really modern right now to do a single, shimmering colour on your lids—going all the way from your lash lines right up to the brows. This also happens to be super-easy and something you can do in mere seconds! I used Joe Fresh Eye Shadow in Twinkle to get this sheer wash of silver. The effect is fresh, and not as heavy as the traditional smoky eye in browns, greys and blacks.

Next, you want to "ground" the silver with some liner close to the lash lines; this will make your eyes pop. I used Joe Fresh 8 Hr Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Black, which is amazingly long-wearing. Tried and tested by me, and it definitely does not smear or transfer in the eight hours! To keep our look clean, I applied it along the upper lash lines only, with soft baby flicks at the outer edges. I also used it to darken the upper waterlines, which creates the illusion of fuller lashes.

Step 3: Plump Up Your Lashes

Speaking of lashes, a volume-building mascara is a must for any party makeup look. This one is Joe Fresh Lash Plump Volumizing Mascara in Black, and I applied several coats to my upper and bottom lashes. I really like its shorter wand and fat brush, and it gives me no clumping whatsoever.

Step 4: Sculpt Your Cheeks

I like to do my blush after I've done my eye makeup, so that I get a better sense of how intense I need to go on my cheeks. I used Joe Fresh Blush in Rose, and oh my—it's just the PERFECT peachy-pink blush. It's got exactly the right tone and amount of pigment to give you that natural, flushing-from-within look we all covet. Why it wasn't in my life sooner, I don't know! 

This next bit is optional, but if you want, you can do some subtle contouring and highlighting. The Joe Fresh Bronzer Duo in Golden Tan is excellent for this, because one side is a warm matte shade, and the other a golden shimmer shade. I'm not one for heavy contour, but it can look good to just put a tiny bit of the matte shade in the hollows of your cheeks. Then, dust the lighter, shimmery shade along the tops of your cheeks. This can add some extra dimension, without looking overdone.

Step 5: Make Your Lips Pop

Nothing says "festive" like a beautiful red lip, and Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Raspberry totally fits the bill! I applied it straight from the tube, and can't say enough good things about its creamy, non-drying texture. 

The last step is lip liner, and yes, I'm applying it after my lipstick. Of course, you can also put it on before, but I find that doing the liner last is the best way to completely perfect my lip shape. I do a little over-lining work, and also fill in the corners, which gives my lips a much fuller, more even appearance. I used Joe Fresh Long Wear Lip Liner in Deep Red—and as you may have heard, I'm a huge fan of this lip liner! Not only is the longevity amazing, but it also comes with a brush on the other end, so you can easily blend your liner and lipstick together for a seamless finish.

The Final Look


Five minutes later, and here's the final, festive result! I just love this combo of a bold, creamy red mouth with cool-toned metallic eyes. 

1. FACE:

Evening out the complexion is the basis of the 5 Minute Face. With four foundations to choose from, you can easily find your ideal amount of coverage. The Sheer Tint, for example, is a lightweight tinted moisturizer that’s oil-free and creates a natural finish.


Choose a silky powder blush in shades that range from peach to pinks, with finishes from matte to shimmery. With a blush for any skin tone, you can find the ideal shade to add warmth and colour to your cheekbones.


Add definition to your eyes with eyeliner. Whether you like a smooth application that twists up (say goodbye to sharpening!) or the look of liquid liner, we’ve got you covered.


Volume? Check. Lengthen? Check. Define? Check. Enhance your eyes with rich mascara that adds just the right amount of drama to your look.

5. LIPS:

We think lips are the place to experiment and have a little fun. From glosses to lipsticks in cream, matte or sheer, Joe Fresh has a range of finishes, textures and colour intensities for any mood. Depending on your preference, layer your lips with a luscious, bold color or a light, moisturizing tint.

That’s it! Now your coffee is almost ready and so are you. So go out and conquer your day with confidence.