First on Rihanna, then on Instagrammers and finally on runways around the world, the holographic look is spring 2018’s brightest star—no twinkle-enhancing filter required. So just what is holographic makeup, you may ask? No, it’s not glitter, and it’s not plain old shimmer either.

Holographic, in the beauty sense, means that a product’s colour changes depending on the observer’s perspective—so from one angle you might be seeing a gold finish, from another, an opalescent magenta. We witnessed the beauty phenomenon on faces at Thom Browne in Paris; on eyes, courtesy of Pat McGrath, at Valentino; and pretty much on everything at Michael Halpern.

So, how do you wear the holographic trend for your skin tone? It all starts with the shade you apply to your face. Here are a few fast tips:

If you have pale skin…

You might suit an icy, opalescent holographic. The cooler hue will complement your tone for a more harmonious feel.

If you have fair skin…

You will probably like champagne or pale pink holographic finishes. With a fair complexion, darker shades could standout too much on your skin. Keep it subtle and find what blends with your tone for a natural look.

If you have medium skin…

Go for a peachy shade that suits most warm skin tones. Here is where you can add a touch of heat with your colours.

If you have dark skin…

Golds and deep bronzes blend the nicest. Glam, glitzy and gorgeous – let these red-hot and rich hues show off what the holographic trend has to offer.

Now that you know what hue you’re searching for, here’s how to get the holographic look on lids, lips and cheeks this season:

Step 1: Perfect your base. With a bling-tastic look like this, choose a lightweight, hydrating foundation that will leave your skin looking fresh and dewy. (A cake-y finish will veer into costume territory.) Try: Quo Forever Flawless Cushion System Foundation

Step 2: On cheeks, choose a soft-finish strobing formula with ultra-fine holographic pearls, so it doesn’t compete with a glitz-heavy lid. First, warm up the liquid or cream with your fingertips, then dab and blend onto your cheeks, the bow of your lips and the high points of your brows. Try: NYX Strobe of Genius Holographic Stick in Mermaid Armour


Step 3: With this much luminescence, you’re going to need contour. Using a matte trio palette, apply the lightest shade to any areas you haven’t already highlighted with strobing cream, plus along the bridge of your nose. Next, face the mirror and tip your chin downward so you can see the natural hollows of your cheeks; this is where you’ll be applying the mid-toned shade. Sweep under your jawline, too. Try: Nude by Nature Contour Palette


Step 4: Prep lids with a metallic nude shade, starting in the centre of your lid and blending into the crease using a fluffy brush. Add a layer of matte shadow over top. Now it’s time to add a hit of holographic shine to the inner corner of your eyes. Choose from white-based pink or powder blue, or pink-based lavender, dusty rose, or orange (whichever pop of colour best vibes with your natural undertone). Just be sure to choose a silky illuminating powder with mega light-catching pearls, or else your colour will fall flat overtop of your neutral base. Finish with a lengthening, separating mascara. Try: Rimmel Magnif’eyes London Nude Palette; NYX Duo Chromatic Highlighting Powder in Lavender Steel; CoverGirl Peacock Flare Mascara


Step 5: On lips, use a metallic-matte liquid formula that boasts crazy multi-dimensional shine (we love a deep wine hue with blue-brown shimmer). To reach peak gleam, add a brighter, luminous powder to the centre of lips using a small eyeshadow brush and blend outwards. Try: NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte in Modern Maven; NYX Duo Chromatic Highlighting Powder in Twilight Tint


Step 6: Don’t forget your nails! While stick-ons and pro enhancements were once the only way to clinch mirror-like shine, modern polishes are going where no lacquer has gone before. Seek out a formula that contains professional grade micro-foil pigment, setting off that Insta-bait, rainbow-like play. Try: Revlon Holochrome Nail Enamel in Hologasm