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With autumn just around the corner, a kaleidoscope of lipstick colours is set to hit our shelves. And while we love our tried-and-true favourites—variations of reds and pinks, and maybe a berry hue thrown into the mix—the new season marks the perfect time to try something new. And by new, we mean unexpected, unique, show-stopping, and all-around cool. In short: rainbow lips.


We get it: experimenting with non-traditional shades like yellow, green or blue can be extremely intimidating, which is why we put together a simple primer to pull them off. So whether you’re looking for the best way to sport a silver pout or a few pointers on upgrading your go-to red lip, here are some tips for you.



A flattering scarlet lipstick is one product we recommend every makeup lover should have in their makeup bag. This season’s take on the shade, however, cranks the dial way up on the intensity (Guerlain’s KissKiss Shaping Lip Colour in Love Kiss nails it)! Bold, bright and imbued with a scene-stealing attitude, the new red keeps the focus entirely on the lips. To achieve this, use a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation to keep your skin looking natural and dewy. Once you’re done attaining complexion perfection, swipe a few coats of mascara and you’re set.


Sure, slicking on an orange lipstick might seem a little too bold for daily wear, but arguably, no other lip colour better complements a sun-kissed glow or imparts even the palest of skin tones with a hint of warmth well past Labour Day. When opting for an orange lip (try Benefit Cosmetics ChaChabalm in Mango), apply a generous amount of bronzer wherever the sun would naturally hit the face (forehead, highest points of the cheekbones, center of the nose, chin, and any exposed shoulder or decolette) to brighten up the skin. Finish with blush on the apples of your cheeks to make your lips appear more balanced and natural.


Shades like yellow and gold can actually lend a high fashion feel but also a beautifully artistic touch to your look (try Shiseido’s Klimt-esque Lacquer Rouge in Athena). To pull off such a high impact hue, reach for a high-coverage foundation to create a flawless base that won't combat the colour on your lips. Winged liner offers a subtle counterpoint and will help anchor the look.


An emerald lipstick is absolutely stunning, whether applied lightly for a sheer look or slicked on heavily for a dramatic effect. But since the bold shade tends to hide the natural color of your lips, add natural flush to other areas of the face by applying pink and red hues on the cheeks and eyes. Apply a subtle dose of sparkle in the in the form of highlighter or eye shadow to enhance the lipstick’s gilt undertones.


If you ask us, blue is an incredibly under-appreciated lipstick shade (especially because of its brilliant ability to make your teeth appear whiter). But, there’s no denying it: a sapphire or cerulean shade screams attention, so do keep the rest of your makeup simple by pairing it with soft nude makeup and perfectly coiffed brows.


Purple is an incredibly user-friendly and shockingly wearable shade that looks equally amazing as a stain or packed on boldly. Whether you prefer a vampy dark version like Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Femme Fatale Matte or a more feminine lilac flush like Pur Chateau de Vine Lipstick in Showoff, it’s important to keep the rest of your makeup subdued. Sheer-coverage foundation and soft eye makeup [will] let this color take center stage. A light dusting of coral blush will also complement the deep lipstick hue.


On the cusp between summer and fall, a supercharged pink lip like Clinique’s Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Sweet Pop looks powerfully pretty. For a new maximum impact update, go for a monochromatic application by keeping all the eye, lip, and cheek shades in the same palette, using different shades and textures of pink. This adds a bit more sophistication to a been-there-done-that lipstick shade, and looks gorgeous on almost every skin tone.


Since silver or even a brighter white can cast a grey-ish look, combine it with blush and lots of mascara. Dramatic lashes and a pop of pink blush easily add drama to the look, while balancing out the cool-toned, metallic effect of the lipstick.


Not long ago, the idea of brown lipstick coming back into style seemed absurd.

Well, as we told you before, it’s back and quickly becoming the It-nude. As a rule, we suggest sweeping on some bronzer and a pop of blush on the cheeks to pair with brown lipstick. You can also add a touch of gloss to the center of the lips to keep the colour from looking flat, which can create an effect that's very '90s — and not in a good way. Try Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Iced Coffee for a high-pigment hue that lasts for 12 hours.


Despite its slightly sinister associations, an obsidian pout is incredibly sophisticated. The key is to keep the skin natural in coverage and forgo anything too matte in finish (Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire lipstick in Black Perfecto is deliciously shiny). While a dark lip usually renders any other makeup unnecessary, you can work it with a softly diffused smokey eye as an unexpected counterpoint to a hard liner look.