How treatment helped Nathalie

Nathalie Lambert, Olympic gold medallist from Quebec, has tried many different treatments during her years with OA, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, countless medications, and 3 surgeries in each knee, with varied success.

But 5 or 6 years ago, Nathalie and her doctor worked out a treatment plan that changed her life for the better. The plan includes a combination of regular, daily medication use, stretching, and exercise. Her treatment makes a daily difference in her pain, and with regular exercise she can function better thanks to an improved range of motion.. She also sleeps better. And thanks to her treatment plan, she can do the sports she enjoys, including walking, elliptical trainer workouts, and dancing.

Nathalie believes that staying with your treatment plan can help keep you on track. "If I stop taking my medication even for 2 days," she says, "I see the difference right away in terms of pain."

Nathalie says it's also very important to know what to expect from your treatment. In most cases, treatments don't do everything. People with OA still need to do a lot on their own. "They need to understand more about the illness they have and what will happen if they don't take care of it," says Nathalie. "People should use the Arthritis Society and their doctor to find out what to expect from treatment."

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