I am partially/fully COVID-19 vaccinated - why do I need to get the flu shot?

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I am partially/fully COVID-19 vaccinated - why do I need to get the flu shot?

Even if you are partially or fully vaccinated against COVID-19, this will not protect you against the seasonal flu. You require a flu vaccine in order to stimulate your immune response to produce antibodies, which are different from antibodies produced by the COVID-19 vaccines. These antibodies are specific to fighting off different strains of the influenza virus. Although influenza rates were very low last year, for various reasons such as social distancing and public health measures such as wearing a mask, along with high immunization rates against the flu, we’re likely to see many of these measures non-exist this year. Your best defence against the flu is to receive a flu shot each and every year. The flu shot will not only decrease your chance of getting the flu, however, even if you are to contract the flu, it would diminish the risk of being hospitalized. This year in particular, if we are to see another surge of COVID-19 through a fourth or even fifth wave, and we see increase hospitalizations related to this, that also coincided increased influenza infections and hospitalizations, this could put a huge burden on our healthcare system, which may become unmanageable. It’s also important to receive it, as there are certain individuals who cannot receive a flu shot each year, such as babies under 6 months of age, there’s certain individuals who may not develop the same immune response to a flu vaccination as a healthy individual.

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