Instant makeover: 7 ways to look (and feel) better

After a winter spent battling the elements - brutal wind chills, sub-zero temperatures, and Sahara-like dry indoor heat - we all are dealing with our share of beauty woes: dull, chapped skin or limp, lifeless hair to name a couple. If you're longing for a head-to-toe makeover but are short on time, try one of the following 7 little pick-me-ups. They're quick and easy and, better yet, guaranteed to improve your appearance almost immediately.

White now
Seven days is all you'll need for a whiter smile with Crest Whitestrips® Premium, which is clinically proven to remove up to 14 years (yes, years) worth of stains in only one week. These ingenious clear strips not only use the same enamel-safe ingredient as dentists, but they are inconspicuous enough to wear almost anywhere, anytime. Plus, they remove stains beneath the surface of the teeth - something ordinary whitening toothpastes simply cannot do. The result is whiter teeth for 12 months.

Fringe benefits
Women across the country are flocking to salons to get themselves bangs. Cutting bangs can give you a whole new look by drawing attention to the face and showing off the eyes and cheekbones. The look right now is an edgier, graduated bang that starts shorter near the part and gets longer - very sexy and pretty. And it works on short or long hair.

Lighten up
Applying foundation incorrectly can make you look old and tired. The worst offenses are picking the wrong colour or using a formula with too much coverage. Here are two rules you can follow: 1) If you have yellow-toned skin, use a warm-toned foundation; 2) If you have pink-toned skin, use a cool-toned foundation. Using the right colour can make you look luminous.

Instant lift
For an instant facelift, try shaping your eyebrows - it makes a huge difference. Don't be overzealous, though - the most common eyebrow mistake is over-tweezing at the head and the tail. The trend right now is a more natural-looking brow. Not pencil thin or too arched.

Bronze goddess
A sure sign of the end of winter? Gorgeously tanned skin - and the spring runways are full of models sporting just that. Thanks to bronzers, risking the negative effects of the sun (premature aging, skin cancer, and the like) to get a golden glow isn't necessary. For that I-just-stepped-off-the-beach look, you can start by dusting the entire face with powder to ensure an even, blotch-free result. Apply the bronzer as you would a blush - from the apple of the cheek move outward and upward creating brightness. Use a soft circular motion and move the brush from the cheeks outward to the temple and blend colour through the hair line up across the forehead. Finish with a sweep of colour along the jaw line and neck (a white neck will ruin the whole look), and a touch on the nose and under the eyes.

Brand new hue
Thanks to improved technology (less harsh, more conditioning ingredients and easier application techniques), the at-home hair colour business is booming - and for good reason. At a fraction of the price of salon colour treatments, at-home colour kits allow you to add highlights and dimension, deepen tones, or do something even more daring (like going from blonde to blazing red) in about an hour - a small time commitment for such a big difference.

Rosy glow
For a worn out, dull complexion, microdermabrasion is a great 30-minute fix. It's a non-surgical treatment during which micro-crystals and a handheld vacuuming device are used to polish the skin. This exfoliating procedure removes the top layers of dead skin cells, leaving fine lines, acne scarring, and age spots less visible. More information on related products at

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