Keeping it Simple

If you have MS, you may feel fatigued often. You can help conserve energy by simplifying your home and your activities. For example, look around your home and ask yourself "Do I really need this?" If not, pack or give it away. Less clutter around your home is safer for you, and makes things easier to find if you are visually impaired.

This rule of simplicity also applies to your activities at home: prioritize and delegate if you can! Ask yourself "Do I really need to do this job right now? Is there anyone who could help, or any assistive device that might help me?" Try to decorate and plan your home environment so that you can sit or stand with everything you need handy. Put the things you use most often within easy reach.

Making your home look warm and using your favorite things can help you simplify work at home and prevent fatigue. For example, lighting can make your home look and feel cheery and warm. Good lighting is also safer. Colors enhance textures and can help brighten a room or relax you. Choose colors that you find cheerful and restful.

Surround yourself with plants and pictures of people you love. Choose music that is pleasing and relaxing to you, and avoid excessive noise from accessories or appliances. Keep the volume of the TV and radio/stereo to comfortable levels.

Find pleasing sources of scent for your home, such as plants, flowers, or even cleaning products.

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