Live life on your own terms

Have you experienced situations where you've had to change the way you normally do things just because you take insulin injections? If you have, you're not alone.

For many people, taking insulin, has a significant impact on their lives, from obvious considerations (supplies and storage) to more subtle ones that may only come to mind over time (social occasions, travel requirements, discretion or forgetting when you last took your insulin).

Some changes are small and easy to make, but others can feel overwhelming. The more changes you have to make, the more you may feel like insulin treatment is taking control of your life. However, a simple insulin management system can help you feel that you are back in charge.

With this in mind, Lilly created, a simple, easy-to-navigate site that offers information about a variety of insulin pens used with Lilly insulins that may empower, rather than impede your lifestyle.

Each of our four Lilly pens offers features designed for different lifestyle needs. You may want a pre-filled device that doesn't require you to change your insulin cartridges and offers dosing simplicity, or are someone who uses two types of insulin and wants discrete durable pens that come in two different colours. Perhaps you are a busy professional who is always on the go and who prefers a pen that automatically records insulin doses so you don't have to. Or maybe you are a parent who wants to be confident that your child can receive accurate doses of insulin with a pen that measures in half-unit increments. Depending on your needs, Lilly might have an insulin pen for you.

At you can learn about each of our insulin pens by viewing the step-by-step written and video instructions - making it easy for you to choose the pen that might best suit your unique needs. Or Visit to find your insulin pen, your way today.

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